The Louis Vuitton delightful GM is not only a timeless charm, but also an everyday understated style epitome. This bag gets its charm from its durable and supple monogram canvas, lightweight feel as well as its embossed handle. If you are one of those "mum's on the move", then this delightful GM from LV will definitely accommodate everything you need for your hectic day without looing your stylish touch.
When compared to the conventional LV monograms, the delightful GM stands out as being rarer. Therefore, you need not worry about running into several other people with the same bag design from LV; chances of that happening are close to nil. This bag is quite rare and only a few people are able to get their hands on one every couple of months.
The front part of a delightful GM from LV has a pair of pockets which have enough space to accommodate your small accessories or iPhone. The top band of the delightful GM from LV has the names "Louis Vuitton" engraved and as for the inside of the bag, there is one zipped pocket which is bigger compared to the one on the outside. The bag has got enough space to carry all the things you would need for your daily use.
All metal pieces used in the delightful LV have also been engraved with the "LOUIS VUITTON" name and in capital letters. Such careful attention given to each detailing is one of the ways you know just how much importance each detail of this bag has.
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When you inspect the stitches used on the GM from LV, you will realize that they are nothing short of perfect. That's not all, the bag also has top lock (which is of course also has the LV initials engraved on it) which ensures that the things inside the bag do not fall off. So impressive is the detail given to al parts of the GM from LV such that even the circular little metal piece used on the handles are engraved with the "LOUIS VUITTON" name.
Such key features of the delightful GM bag would make a person think that it will be an easy job identifying a fake delightful Louis Vuitton GM bag. On the contrary, there are those bags that are identical to the real thing and in such a case; you will have to be very keen when inspecting the bag before purchasing it.
Even the most identical of replicas always have flaws; flaws such as having a shiny canvas and cheap metal used on the bag. Identifying cheap metal is not rocket science, by just looking, you can easily tell it from high-quality metal and most of these replica delightful GM bags use cheap metal.
When it comes to the canvas of the bag, upon touch, it often feels like plastic and/or elastic. Other than that, one common fault made in the creation of the fake delightful GM from LV is in the trimming of red polish. There is a high likelihood that you will discover some red polish that has smudged on the fake Louis Vuitton delightful GM.

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